Taylor Mac’s 24-Decade History of Popular Music

  • Directors: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
  • HBO Feature Documentary Film
  • Role: Post Production Supervisor

Oura Ring – Horizon SKU Launch

  • Director: Duncan Winecoff
  • Client: Oura Ring
  • Role: Senior Integrated Producer

SK-II – Beyond the Stadium

  • Director: Karel Van Bellingen
  • Client: SK-II
  • Role: Producer

GLAY – Esan National Park Live Performance

  • Director: Kenji C Green
  • Artist: GLAY
  • Role: Director/Producer

YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge

  • Director: Kai Hasson, Lex Halaby, Jackson Adams, Morgan Wise
  • Client: YouTube
  • Role: Producer and Post-Producer

A Pity

  • Director: Kevin and Alec Barth
  • Feature Film
  • Role: Producer


  • Director: Venti Hristova
  • Client: Netflix
  • Role: Creative Producer

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  • Director: Kai Hasson
  • Short Film
  • Role: Producer

[Alexandros] The Rest is History

  • Director: Lily Rinae
  • Client: Universal Music
  • Role: Executive Producer

A Flower Saved My Life

  • Director: Kenji C Green / Pierce Gabriel
  • Short Film
  • Role: Director / Producer

GLAY – Saitama Arena LEDs

  • Director: Kenji C Green / Pierce Gabriel
  • Artist: GLAY
  • Role: Director / Producer

RED – Delaney Jane

  • Director: Mikhail Mehra
  • Artist: Delaney Jane
  • Role: Producer

Trocha – Viento Callejero

  • Director: Kenji C Green & Arturo Morales
  • Artist: Viento Callejero
  • Role: Co-director, Producer

Nana Mizuki – Passion for Performance

  • Director: Jack Durman
  • Client: Apple Music
  • Role: Producer

NBC x Twitch | Official Olympics Broadcast

  • Director: Nagisa Kodama
  • Client: NBC x Twitch
  • Role: Producer



An accomplished bilingual and bicultural producer with 10+ years of experience guiding content creation and production efforts for industry-leading brands like Netflix, Apple, and Google.


A motivational leader who ensures alignment across the entire pipeline of all creative deliverables (video, photo, web, apps, CGI, growth, socials, etc.). Builds lasting stakeholder relationships and acts as a trusted client resource. Committed to engaging production that consistently exceeds expectations.